Learn Forex trading for free

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Learn Forex trading for free

In the Internet, available today to almost every person, a huge amount of information is collected on all sorts of training programs for beginners.

  • There are a lot of books and articles that you can download for free.
  • A lot of video lessons, giving practical advice from professional market players.
  • You can also register for courses from dealing centers, which will give both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Training on self-help books is convenient because after each section it is suggested to answer the test questions in order to check and consolidate the received knowledge.

Therefore, it is always easy to find for yourself the training of Forex trading for free, if the task is to save money.

But the point is that many experienced market players are skeptical about free training, since it’s not interesting for anyone to share their secrets, pass on the results, talk about their mistakes and teach newcomers to avoid them. After all, this way you can only grow your competitors.

Here are a few reasons why learning to trade forex free will not lead a beginner to a successful trade:

  1. All kinds of courses give knowledge. But they are not enough for the ability to work on forex profitably. Very important is the psychology of the trader, the mentality and certain character traits.
  2. On the websites of training companies that conduct free courses and seminars on training in trading, there are no names of well-known traders – graduates of this school. And all because training is only a small part in trading, and a much greater role is played by practical experience.
  3. No secrets of profitable trade on free courses are not disclosed.

A great benefit for a beginner will be learning on an individual basis from an experienced professional, of course, training is paid, and therefore meaningful. It also makes sense to attend training seminars with the guru of the Russian forex. In particular, such seminars are held by Alexander Gerchik. With humor and practical examples, he shares with the newcomers the knowledge and experience gained on the American and Russian stock exchanges.


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